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Let's take a look at s ome best possible low hands, on the basis of a few sample boards. Why do we need to figure out what the best possible l ow hands are in O8B? Because when we conclude that we hold the best possible low hand, then we should be putting in as many raises as we can. When we have the best possible l ow hand, t hen of c ourse we wiil usually win at l east half of the pot, and we want our half t o be as big as possible.

There are some situations in which you may want to stop raising on the end when you have the best possible low, primarily when there are only three players l eft, you have only a l ow, and the betting indicates that you're probably up against at l east one other player with the same l ow. If that turns out t o be the case, you'l win only one-quarter of the pot (this is called "getting quartered"), a nd thus you'l l ose a small percentage of your own last bets and raises, but don't worry too much about this uncommon outcome yet.

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