Aggressive Play Helps in Limit Holdem Events

One day after I was eliminated from a limit Hold'em event, I sought out Jack KeHer, who at the time was really hot in limit Hold'em tournaments, and watched him play for a couple of hours. It was obvious to me that J ack was doing a number of things I hadn't b een doing. He s imply tried to win every pot that he played. Jack never j ust called someone else's raise before the fop: he always e ither threw his hand away or three-bet it.

This was quite different from my old strategy. I used to j ust call when I had a small pair, hoping that others would call as well, and that I would win a big pot when I finally hit my set. Jack, however, always three-bet before the flop, even with only a small p air, and continued to play his hand aggressively from that point on in the hand. The percentage of pots that he won was much higher than the percentage of pots that I had won, for three reasons.

First, Jack's constant three-beting before the fop helped him win more pots by eliminating more opponents preflop. When you start with fewer opponents before the flop, you'l win more pots.

Second, J ack would play his hand pretty hard on the flop and win a lot of pots if his opponents had, s ay, king-high when an ace hit t he board.

Third, Jack would just plain try to bluff you out if he thought he could.

This aggressive play of Hold'em hands is something I've already preached to you in earlier chapters of t his book. Once I began using this s ystem, I couldn't believe the results I achieved. I made five final t ables in a row playing l imit Hold'em this way, and eventually, in the 1990s, I won two world championships in limit Hold'em.

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