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Discover How To Get Paid $1,000 per week as a Professional Fashion Designer. Listed below are My Best 5 Tips for Stepping into The Fashion Industry: 1. Have Passion (for fashion) 2. Have Knowledge of new trends and emerging labels (know your competition) 3. Know what sells and what customers desire to wear 4. Be Prepared to do what it takes and work your way up. 5. Know how the fashion industry and retail industry works. Discover How You Can Achieve Long term Dream of Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer! Discover How to Draw Your Designs like a Pro! Get the Dream Job You've Always Wanted. Get Paid for What You Love Doing! Start Your Very Own Fashion Line with Your Own Name! Hot Tips from the Pros: Learn the Fashion Industry Secrets! Save $$$ thousands on Fashion Course Fees! Learn How to Start Your Own Fashion Business and Be Successful! Trend Forecasting Tips- stay ahead of the fashion trends! Tips for finding a Clothing Manufacturer to make Your Clothes. Read more...

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The Ankle Lock Gesture

Sitting Ankles Touching Body Language

Women who were teenagers during the mini-skirt era crossed their legs and ankles for obvious, necessary reasons. Through habit, many of these women still sit in this position, which may make others misinterpret them people may react toward these women with caution. It is important to take female fashion trends into consideration, particularly how these may affect the woman's leg positions, before jumping to conclusions.

100 Fashion Tips

100 Fashion Tips

One of the most important things you need to take note of about becoming fashionable is to get fitter. Therefore, if you are carrying some extra pounds, then you should lose some of it soon. You can do it through dieting, working out, or a good combination of both. Find more fashion tips like this one within this guide.

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