The Three Approaches

  1. The Low-Power Approach: Neo-Tech is used defensively to avoid loses to Neocheaters. The "Neo-Tech Discovery" reveals (in Parts Two and Three) detailed, specific techniques for the low-power approach, including the original White-Hat Techniques that are effective, ethical, and honest.
  2. The High-Power Approach: Neo-Tech is used offensively to gain advantages and profits -- in cards or beyond. The "Neo-Tech Discovery" also reveals (in Part One) detailed techniques for the high-power approach, including the Black-Hat Techniques that are unethical but ravagingly effective. Yet, with Neo-Tech information, a person can safely defend himself against Black-Hat Neocheating and all other forms of cheating.
  3. The Neothink/Neopower Approach: The Neo-Tech Discovery is used not only to identify and nullify Neocheaters, but to gain honest profits as a result of Neocheaters. The following table summarizes various Neo-Tech formats that profitably counter Neocheaters:




Identifying Neocheaters and understanding their techniques provide valuable knowledge that delivers larger profits and decreased losses through more beneficially accurate decisions.


Rapid identification of Neocheaters allows an accurate evaluation of literature, TV shows, news programming, media events, movies ... permitting more accurate and profitable decisions. Understanding Neocheating lets one quickly identify the 180 degree inversion of crucial values by devious business practices, political or social demagoguery, religious doctrines, and mystical illusions.

Politics and Education

Knowing the Neocheating techniques of all politicians and many educators provides a powerful tool not only for protection, but for profiting from the machinations of politicians, governments, and educators.

Religion and Mysticism

Understanding Neocheating provides startling realizations of how Neocheating is the essence of mysticism . . . and how most religious and mystical leaders are expert Neocheaters. That understanding is necessary not only for avoiding the life-consuming influences of religion and mysticism, but for

gaining maximum happiness, well-being, and profits from life.

Personal Relations

The Neo-Tech Discovery provides a rapid sorting mechanism for discarding destructive relationships and for winning beneficial relationships that deliver profits and happiness.


Knowledge of Neo-Tech allows one to reject, for example, most warnings by government "scientists" of cancer risks with their accompanying regulations (e.g., the banning of cyclamates). Neocheating with science damages the productive segments of life and diminishes everyone's well-being Knowledge of Neo-Tech permits valid value judgments and delivers peace of mind that Neocheaters constantly seek to undermine.

The Neocheating concepts are not only easy, practical tools for profits, but are crucial tools for thinking. Those concepts allow a person to identify and nullify Neocheaters who have beguiled human life for three-thousand years. Without understanding Neocheating, a person has no way of thinking about Neocheaters or of realizing how they constantly extract values from unknowledgeable people. Without those thinking tools to identify Neocheaters people can only suffer in silent frustration as their lives and dreams are drained by Neocheaters.

But the supreme value of the Neocheating concepts is that those new thinking tools will be the cutting edge for rejecting and eventually eliminating the power of government bureaucrats, religious leaders, political leaders, dishonest businessmen, external authorities, and all other Neocheaters.

The concepts of Neocheating as revealed by the Neo-Tech Discovery are among the most powerful thinking tools for future prosperity.

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