The Advanced Concept Player Versus the Neocheater

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The Advanced-Concept (A-C) player achieves his unbeatable advantages through hard work. The Neocheater achieves his unbeatable advantages through easy Neocheating. The Advanced-Concept player represents the ultimate evolution of honest poker. The Neocheater represents the ultimate evolution of dishonest cheating. Thus, in a sense, the Advanced Concepts and Neocheating are opposites. Still they both result in extracting maximum money from opponents and are linked by the same basic principle -- the Maximum-Win approach.

Until recently, only the Advanced-Concept player would incorporate and apply the Maximum-Win approach. And only the Advanced-Concept player could win a steadily increasing income from poker. But the evolution of cheating has produced the Neocheater. By using easy and invisible Neocheating techniques, the cheater can now base his poker strategy on the Maximum-Win approach to win as consistently as the Advanced-Concept player.

The diverted concentration involved in using traditional cheating techniques and the extraordinary skill involved in using classical cheating techniques simply do not allow most traditional or classical cheaters enough capacity or time to think about winning long term, game after game. But the Neocheater with his easy, subtle attack has both the capacity and time to think and act long term.

Past cheaters have sweated and worked for their gains, but the Neocheater collects his gains with ease and relaxation. And the long-range, more subtle Maximum-Win approach makes his cheating even easier and safer to execute. Indeed, Neocheating becomes a simple, invisible tool for garnering money from opponents From the smallest penny-ante game to the largest table-stake game, all money eventually flows to the Neocheater. His key weapon is Neocheating.

Both the Advanced-Concept player and the Neocheater strive to maintain their long-term advantages; they never compromise their advantages for the sake of others. They share their advantages with no one; both play solely for their own benefit. They are not gamblers; both set the odds in their favor.

Gamblers bet money at unfavorable odds and eventually lose all the money they risk. Poor players and most traditional cheaters are gamblers who eventually lose everything they risk. The Advanced-Concept player and the Neocheater are not gamblers; they eventually win everything that the gambling players risk.

Both the Advanced-Concept player and the Neocheater direct all their actions toward winning maximum money. They never give anything away or help others without the motive of eventual profit. But they treat their opponents with care and respect; their opponents are their sole sources of income -- their sole assets.

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