Neo Tech versus Neocheating

A new field of knowledge was discovered by Dr. Frank R. Wallace. For two decades, Dr. Wallace developed a powerful array of integrated knowledge called Neo-Tech. In 1986, Dr. Wallace was interviewed about Neo-Tech. Below is a condensed, edited portion of that interview which explains his early discoveries:

Q: What is Neo-Tech? How can I benefit from it?

WALLACE: Neo-Tech is a new, integrated method for capturing major business and personal advantages everywhere. Neo-Tech has nothing to do with positive thinking, religion, or anything mystical. Once a person is exposed to Neo-Tech, he can quietly profit from any situation -- anywhere, anytime. He can prosper almost anywhere on earth and succeed under almost any economic or political condition. Neo-Tech applies to all money and power gathering techniques -- to all situations involving the transfer of money, business, power, or love

Ironically, I first sensed Neo-Tech through poker -- the money game, the international strategy game. Strange how a discovery so important as Neo-Tech started with something so minor and restricted as poker. Indeed, poker is just one rather minute and insignificant area involving the transfer of money in which a person can profit through Neo-Tech.

Subsequently, I pursued Neo-Tech beyond cards to uncover far greater advantages in competitive situations involving work, investments, speculating, business, politics, and personal relationships. Neo-Tech applies to all competitive situations: It is a new, quiet approach for collecting unbeatable advantages everywhere.

Neo-Tech has its roots in the constant financial pressures and incentives to develop the easiest, most profitable methods of gaining advantages. Over the decades, successful salesmen, businessmen, politicians, writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, speculators, gamers, and Casanovas have secretly searched for shortcuts that require little skill yet contain the invisible effectiveness of the most advanced techniques. I identified those shortcuts and honed them into practical formats called Neo-Tech.

Q: Is Neo-Tech like cheating; is it a metaphor for cardsharps, Don Juans, con artists, dishonest merchants, destructive politicians?

WALLACE: Definitely not. Neo-Tech is totally honest and ethical; it is not based on fraud, collusion, gall, hustling or swindling as are most cheating techniques and con jobs. Indeed, Neo-Tech requires no special skill, devices, or nerve. Neo-Tech requires no risk or changes in life style -- only a new integrated knowledge that generates advantages and power. Moreover, Neo-Tech renders deception and cheating ploys so obsolete that they are no longer an important threat. ...Someday Neo-Tech will dominate all competitive situations as it spreads into business and personal relationships.

Q: Who exactly is the Neo-Tech person?

WALLACE: He's a person of quiet power -- a person who cannot lose. He can control not only every competitive situation, but can vanquish every threatening situation.

Q: What actually makes him so effective?

WALLACE: Neo-Tech is totally natural. Thus, it can be executed anytime, anywhere with casual confidence. The techniques let a person gain unbeatable advantages consistently and comfortably -- year after year, decade after decade. Eventually, NeoTech men and women will quietly control all.

Q: In the real world, how quickly can I benefit from Neo-Tech?

WALLACE: A person can use Neo-Tech immediately to gain advantages needed to prosper in business and in personal relationships. Additionally, that person can never be taken advantage of again in any business transaction, investment, or personal contact. His Neo-Tech knowledge protects him. It arms him with a sword and shield. Neo-Tech knowledge is the best insurance policy anyone could own: Within days, a person with Neo-Tech can gain more power than most people without Neo-Tech can gain in a lifetime.

Q: Specifically, what does Neo-Tech mean to the ordinary person?

WALLACE: Well, to be specific, the most potent shortcuts prior to Neo-Tech were beyond the reach of ordinary people as only the money/power giants developed the combinations to unlock and use those shortcuts. Moreover, those potent but customized or highly specialized shortcuts in specific fields could not help most people even if they had access to those shortcuts. In addition, the nature of those potent shortcuts limited the money/power giants to their particular fields. Still, genuine power lies beneath all those customized shortcuts. Neo-Tech not only captures that power but brings everything down to earth and removes all limitations. That, in turn, yields a still greater power that even the money/power giants were denied. More important, today, most ordinary men and women will only flounder through life until they discover Neo-Tech.

Q: Beyond the immediate financial advantages and quick profits available from NeoTech, how will the Neo-Tech Discovery affect you and me in the real society?

WALLACE: Neo-Tech meets the criteria: certain and safe -- but powerful. Therefore, more and more people will increasingly use Neo-Tech in all areas. And the lives of those people will grow richer. Of those, some will choose to use Neo-Tech concepts to gain enormous power and wealth. But, equally important, people knowledgeable about Neo-Tech cannot be drained by others. The ordinary person, no matter how low on the power scale, can reverse the situation. With Neo-Tech, a person can take away the power from those Neocheaters who have drained that person for years or decades. That capturing of personal power through Neo-Tech is crucial. For, all major Neocheaters today extract money and power from the masses of unknowledgeable people. How? Through the subtly camouflaged usurpation and destruction of values created, built, or earned by others. In fact, those value destroyers use Neocheating without fear of being caught, without suspicion. ...And they are successful to the extent they use Neocheating.

Consider how many of the most successful politicians have for years destructively regulated and harmfully controlled the value producers. They have neocheated the public for unearned personal power. Their power ploys have created jungles of destructive regulations and inefficiencies. They hassle busy individuals, cripple creative scientists, and prevent private enterprise from fully developing its productive and technological capacities. That arrogated authority not only diminishes everyone's spirit, but diminishes everyone's standard of living and even prevents the development of cures for scourges such as heart disease, cancer, and AIDS.

Q: You know, "60 Minutes" recently dealt with something like that. And I hear about that kind of thing more and more these days. How can it be stopped?

WALLACE: Today, as Neo-Tech spreads, people in steadily increasing numbers can, for the first time, avoid the harmful ploys of those external authorities. As people become informed about Neo-Tech, they will identify and circumvent those master Neocheaters who have previously drained them. Now, ordinary people will fill their own pockets with profits rather than lining the pockets of Neocheaters. As more and more people learn about Neo-Tech, they will increasingly understand that professional mystics, pragmatic politicians, bogus-job bureaucrats, and other such false authorities are destructive drains on value producers and society.

I have two charts that demonstrate how most people have unknowingly let their lives be drained by those external authorities. This information also shows how the informed will financially and emotionally benefit by breaking free from those master Neocheaters. Indeed, everyone informed of Neo-Tech will have the tools not only to break free but to profit from the decline of external authority. Furthermore, this information shows exactly how the average person can turn into a Neo-Tech person...a person who can acquire far greater advantages than any Neocheater -even a master Neocheater.

Q: Your charts uncover things I was never aware of. It's bad enough that those Neocheaters conceal their ripped-off power, but it's rotten how they're doing it by draining me, you, and everyone else

WALLACE: Yet, we're the ones who hold the power on this planet. Most people have never been aware of that fact. Now, with Neo-Tech, we can totally control our future.

That's why the Neocheaters never told us their secret. For, we would take away their power that is rightfully ours. You, like everyone else, could never really know the facts behind external authorities without understanding Neo-Tech. The actions of such external authorities usually depend on Neocheating -- on undetectable routes to easy money or power at the expense of others. They seemingly benefit their victims by giving them guidance, leadership, or doctrines to follow -- making those victims easy to control. Fortunately, however, publicly revealing Neo-Tech exposes the Neocheater's essence. That will lead to the eventual demise of external authority.

Indeed, today, you as the Neo-Tech person never again have to feel helpless. You never again have to be on the defense. You never again have to depend on anyone or anything of the past. You can enter a new world and control your own future. You can become a Clark Kent -- a quiet superman. You can gain the real power -- the real advantages and profits that few ever knew existed.

Q: Now I know why the Neo-Tech Discovery will immediately

WALLACE: Also, consider another benefit from understanding Neo-Tech: the stopping of the pain and harm caused by certain everyday acquaintances straight up to the authoritarian bureaucrats who surround everyone in almost every area of life. Neo-Tech can abruptly stop the pain and harm caused by being beaten by destructive authorities, cheated or exploited by one's spouse, manipulated by parents, drained by bosses, gypped by merchants, intimidated by pushy or monied people, misled by professional people, stunted by dishonest and incompetent educators, used by friends, abused by strangers, fouled up by bureaucrats, fooled by mystics, and hurt by government.

Neo-Tech puts an end to all those hurts and diminishments that have constantly kept you from becoming the person you've always dreamed of -- the person you were meant to be.

And there are other side benefits. For example, when viewing network TV with the knowledge of Neo-Tech, a person becomes acutely aware of the steady stream of Neocheaters -- TV commentators, news editors, journalists, sociologists, faddists, mystical gurus, and religious proselytizers. Those fake authorities constantly gain destructive advantages from their followers in countless subtle ways. Neo-Tech concepts allow people to identify and nullify Neocheaters who drain everyone's life daily.

With the concepts of Neo-Tech, a person nullifies those Neocheaters while transferring their power from them to himself. He no longer needs to bow to or idolize the man on the hill. With Neo-Tech, a person knows with fearless certainty that he, himself, is the most important person -- and everyone will sense that he is the most powerful person.

Q: Can you restate what you're saying to bring me back to earth?

WALLACE: The Neo-Tech concepts are practical tools for integrated thinking. NeoTech really puts one on the right track. No longer do people have to suffer in silent frustration watching their lives and dreams be quietly drained away.

Q: Yes. Who hasn't felt that distant, lonely sadness

WALLACE: The Neo-Tech concepts are the most powerful thinking tools for profits. Those concepts are the cutting edge for prosperity...for making the grandest dreams come to reality. Neo-Tech can rekindle the sparks that flickered out long ago.

Q: Is all that really true? I mean, does all that really apply to us -- to us who work for a living?

WALLACE: You are the good, the innocent, the powerful, you are the Clark Kents. Over are the days of your being defrauded of wealth, pleasure, and happiness. Over are the days of being victimized by the politicians, bureaucrats, mystics, and pseudo intellectuals. In your innocence, you have unknowingly been drained by Neocheaters. Now, at last, you can break free and take what all productive human beings rightfully earn but seldom take...a guiltless life of power, pleasure, and wealth. But even more, you can now become a Neo-Tech person and command your own future.

Q: That's pretty profound. I'll have to give that some deep thought.

WALLACE: You should. For the more one thinks about Neo-Tech, the more one profits from it.

Q: What if I want to profit more and more? What if I get a little greedy? What if I want to become the man on the hill now -- through Neo-Tech?

WALLACE: Look again at the charts. Contrary to what some people might initially think, the highest profits of Neo-Tech come not from destroying advantages of others, although anyone can do that with Neocheating to gain tremendous power and profits. But the highest profits come from creating honest advantages for oneself by delivering maximum competitive values to others and society. Indeed, to any chosen extent, you can apply Neo-Tech to personally gain both immediate and long-range advantages in business, personal life, and social situations...the applications are endless.

Back to your question about becoming a little greedy. As the first step, anyone can immediately profit by collecting the Neocheating advantages available in any competitive situation. Moreover, anyone can use Neocheating to outflank all competition -- control even the sharpest, most-alert people. Master Neocheaters use undetectable techniques to gain maximum advantage from every situation to acquire extreme power and wealth. And anyone can use Neocheating to gain easy advantages or profits to any chosen degree. But who needs that? The Neocheater, yes, he can easily do all of that. But the Neo-Tech person...he needs none of that. For him, Neocheating is limiting and obsolete.

Just acquiring the knowledge of Neo-Tech will show you how to reach you goals quickly, directly, easily. You will experience a mounting sense of power and excitement while learning about Neo-Tech. Indeed, through the Neo-Tech Discovery, you too can achieve great strength in your career or field of interest by becoming a quiet Neo-Tech person. In addition, you will forever be immune to Neocheaters...immune to most harmful situations.

Q: How quickly will Neo-Tech spread?

WALLACE: As people gain this knowledge, they will begin using its techniques because they are irresistibly logical and overwhelmingly practical. Thus, as people discover the unbeatable advantages of Neo-Tech, those advantages will spread throughout the world as the most potent discovery since the Industrial Revolution.

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