Neocheating Beyond Cards

Neocheating beyond cards involves gaining easy advantages and power over others through combinations of techniques that meet two criteria: (1) easy to execute, and (2) not vulnerable to detection or assailable as dishonest. Once those two criteria are established, Neocheating formats can then be established in any area of life. With such formats, a person not only gleans unbeatable advantages over others, but commands easy shortcuts to profits and power Those who use Neocheating formats to achieve wealth or power are called Neo-Tech practitioners.

Examples of master Neo-Tech practitioners are illustrated on page 153 and in Appendix A on page 168. Other examples are summarized in table 5 on page 178.

Master Neo-Tech practitioners who use subtle, invisible Neocheating concepts to maximum effectiveness can gain enormous power and wealth. Such practitioners range from the President of the United States to the presidents of international banking conglomerates. But anyone can use the Neocheating concepts to gain profits to any chosen degree, ranging from business people neocheating customers (e.g., selling unneeded or fraudulent insurance policies), professional people neocheating clients (e.g., doctors promoting unneeded surgery), husbands neocheating wives (e.g., psychologically or physically abusing spouses into dependence, then into submission and subservience), women neocheating men (e.g., deceiving for entrapment and wealth extraction), teachers neocheating students (e.g., dishonestly attacking value producers to usurp unearned power); parents neocheating children (e.g., destructive manipulation for social images).

One major benefit of understanding Neocheating beyond cards is the rapid identification of Neo-Tech practitioners who surround everyone in almost every area of life. Once identified, Neocheaters can be prevented from diminishing one's own well-being.

Perhaps the most startling benefit of understanding Neocheating occurs when viewing network TV news. With knowledge of Neo-Tech, a person becomes acutely aware of the steady stream of Neocheaters (TV commentators, news editors, sociologists, politicians, educators, nutritionists, faddists, mystical gurus, and religious proselytizers) who constantly diminish everyone's life. With the concepts of Neocheating, however, a person not only can nullify those Neocheaters, but can transfer their usurped power from them to himself with honest effective Neo-Tech techniques. For example, manipulating the ego of a Neocheating politician or bureaucrat to remove coercive government regulations that are damaging a company's productive capacity is one example of using the Neo-Tech discovery honestly -- of using White-Hat Neocheating.

The three possible approaches for using the Neo-Tech Discovery are the low-power approach, the high-power approach, and the Neothink/Neopower approach:

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