Knowing Everyones Hole Cards

While stacking aces back-to-back in five-card stud, the Neocheater can also know every opponent's hole card. How? He simply memorizes the sequence -- numbers only -- of those cards on top of the last ace he stacks (that last ace will be his hole card). A Neocheater always memorizes everyone's hole card -- not to do so would be an extravagant waste of an enormous advantage^ 12 1

The Neocheater stacks his first ace while starting to gather the discards. As he scoops up his second ace, which will be his hole card on the next hand, he notes with a glance that the discards being scooped read, top down: 10-T-3-7-AJ 13 1 After some blind shuffles and false cuts, and if necessary, successfully foiling an opponent's cut (taught in a later chapter), he recalls while dealing that the first player to his left has a ten in the hole, the second player has a jack, the third a three, the fourth a seven, and he an ace. ... Mentally repeating the card sequence (i.e., 10-J-3-7-A) while shuffling and dealing aids the memory.

The advantage of knowing everyone's hole card in stud is overwhelming, particularly while holding aces or kings back-to-back. In fact, the Neocheater can often make more money over the long run by not stacking the deck at all, but by simply knowing everyone's hole card and then playing accordingly. Indeed, consistently creating innocent, small advantages (rather than dramatic, huge advantages) is the key to a Neocheater's extracting maximum money from his opponents as demonstrated in the last chapter of this book.

Suits of opponents' hole cards are of little importance in five stud and do not have to be memorized. The chances of catching a flush are minimal. In any case, the Neocheater with aces wired can either drive out opponents with flush possibilities or make them pay dearly to chase their flush. In addition, the Neocheater knows the refinements of peeking (described later) and can easily know the final card to be dealt to any opponent.

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