E Knowing Everyones Hole Card

What if you are playing five-card stud and want to use either the undercut stack or the overhand stack to deal yourself kings back-to-back, plus you want to know everyone's hole card? As explained in Chapter III, that is easy to accomplish when using discard stacking. But neither undercut stacking nor overhand stacking offers opportunities to glance at the cards as they are being stacked. So, how do you get to know everyone's hole card without discard stacking?

Assume you have stacked yourself a pair of kings for a six-handed game of five-card stud by using either undercut stacking or overhand stacking. Now to learn everyone's hole cards, simply execute a false riffle in the following manner: Part the stacked deck for a riffle shuffle. Now execute a false riffle, remembering to protect your stack as an undisturbed block of fifteen cards or so by riffling the left-hand portion more rapidly than those cards in the right hand, dropping the stack in a single block just prior to dropping the last card -- the single card retained by your left thumb. But, as you finish the riffle, instead of dropping your stack in a single block, riffle those cards with your right thumb. Then slow the riffling motion for the last six or seven cards while bending those cards with your thumb just far enough to read their values as they fall in succession. [ 25 1 Remember the values of the last five cards above your stacked king. (That slow riffling action is easy to control and takes only a few minutes of practice to learn.) You then drop the single card retained by your left thumb last, having memorized the sequence of those five cards above your first stacked king. To get rid of that extra top card, you can simply slip it to the bottom of the deck and avoid suspicion with a subsequent blind shuffle.

Now the top five memorized cards will be your opponents' hole cards. If, for example, when you spotted your king during the riffle and then memorized the next five cards as say 4-Q-9-J-7, then the player to your right will receive the 4 and, counterclockwise, the next player will receive the Queen, the next player a 9 and so on. ... You will have given yourself a tremendous advantage, not only by dealing yourself a wired pair of kings, but by knowing everyone's hole cards.

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