The Inevitable Spread Of Neocheating

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While public poker differs from private poker in many respects, new developments in the more dynamic and cosmopolitan public-poker arena are almost always harbingers of future developments in private poker. Recently, the increasing spread of Neocheating throughout public poker suggests that such Neocheating will increasingly menace private poker and all other card games played for money or prestige. In fact, Neocheating is already spreading throughout private poker as well as into blackjack, bridge, and gin. And as in public poker, Neocheating will probably spread geometrically because it is so safe, easy, and effective to execute. In fact, all who have ever yearned to cheat but were afraid of being caught or were unwilling to spend the years of practice required to master the classical cheating techniques can now Neocheat safely, easily, and effectively.

But another reason that Neocheating is spreading -- especially in public poker -- is that the quality of poker itself is rapidly improving with the availability of several good poker books and with the advent of the Advanced-Concept player (described in Chapter XI). Because of the improving competition, more and more serious players are searching for ways to compensate for the diminishing supply of easy opponents. And professionals especially are seeking to bolster their sagging profit margins due to steadily increasing competition that threatens their livelihood. Also, escalating inflation puts increasing pressure and desires on all players to extract more money from their games. Neocheating offers a quick and easy solution to those problems and needs. Thus more and more serious players of blackjack, bridge, and gin are discovering and using Neocheating.




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