C Stud Peek Variation

This peek differs from the previous two peeking techniques in that the bottom corner rather than the top corner of the top card is read. Figure 29 shows the position of the deck for this peek variation. The dealer holds the deck well down in the left palm with the middle finger meeting the right corner and with the left thumb resting parallel across the top. He wedges the upper left edge of the deck tightly against the fleshy base of the thumb. His left thumb then reaches slightly forward (across the top card) and slides back that top card so it can be read as shown in Figure 29. After the peek, a push with the base of the thumb quickly moves that top card back into normal position for dealing.

As with peek variation #2 the dealer does not have to feign looking at his hole cards to execute this peek. He peeks in conjunction with any natural movement that momentarily conceals the deck, such as when putting chips into the pot with the right hand while peeking with the left hand (as shown in Figure 29) or when counting chips or bills with the right hand. Some peekers keep an ashtray to the front and left of their chips and peek while using the right arm as a cover when putting out a cigarette or flicking ashes. ... Neocheaters always glance, never stare when peeking. And they expose only enough of the card to glimpse its value.

Figure 29 Stud Peek Variation #3

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