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Survey of Clubs and Casinos

Thirty-three major casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, are surveyed in Tables 38 and 39. The growing interest in public poker and the attractive profit margins possible from a well-run poker operation have caused sharp increases over the past few years in the number of poker tables in Nevada casinos. In addition to the more than thirty major poker rooms in Las Vegas, at least forty additional casino poker rooms exist in other cities and towns in Nevada. And major casino poker rooms are found in Reno at Cal

Table Casino Poker In Downtown Las Vegas Nevada

(Starting at Fremont Street and moving east) --12 casinos, 79 tables with 24-hour poker-- Las Vegas Club (385-1874) * Maximum rake at some casinos is as low as 1.50- 2.00 per pot (ask the cardroom manager or floorman for information on game rules and house cut). With thirty to forty hands played per hour, even that low rake permanently removes 45- 80 per hour or about 1000- 2000 per table per day. Allowing for lower cuts and slack periods, the amounts removed from a low-rake table with four or five players averages 500- 1000 per twenty-four-hour day. The average casino poker table extracts from its players an estimated 850 per day or about 300,000 per year. (Also see the second footnote to Table 32.)

Public cardrooms and casinos

In public cardrooms and casinos, hold'em is played with 9 to 11 players. A house dealer sits in the center of one side of a long table. His job is to deal the cards, determine the winner(s) of the hand, collect the house rake or time charge, and run the game. He is not a player in the game.

G The Las Vegas Variation

As a refinement of the riffle stack, the Las Vegas variation uses the same principles learned so far, but the position of the hands while culling and riffling is different. For culling, the thumbs riffle and split the deck along the sides of the cards, as shown in Figure 20, instead of at their ends. This method of culling has the advantage of concealing all the moves from opponents with your hands and fingers. Also, after several hours of practice, the Las Vegas variation cull becomes faster and smoother than the regular riffle cull. Note the position of both thumbs in Figure 20 the moment the culled ace drops to the top of the lower deck half the left thumb is ready to split the deck. Then the two deck portions can be promptly riffle shuffled together while keeping the culled ace on top. Riffling and Splitting the Deck at the Sides in the Las Vegas Variation Riffling and Splitting the Deck at the Sides in the Las Vegas Variation With the Las Vegas variation, the cards are completely...

Making Gambling Decisions

To win money gambling over the long term, you should make bets and choose options with positive expectation and avoid those with negative expectation. This is how a casino makes its money It offers a variety of wagers, but almost all of them afford the house a positive expectation and, hence, the player a negative one.4 In some gambling games, the only decision you make is how much to bet. For instance, in our coin-flipping and die-rolling games above, you just Hip the coin or roll the die and make the appropriate payouts based on the result. Similarly, in roulette you place your wager on one or more numbers and spin the ball. Your expectation is determined solely by the payout structure and the size of your wager. But in other games, such as blackjack or poker, there are additional decisions to make. In all of these games, the correct decision is the one that maximizes your overall expectation. J Sometimes intentionally, and more often unintentionally, casinos offer a few bets that...

Recgamblingpokercom is the Online Newsgroup for Poker

If you are interested, an online poker newsgroup is located at (RGP). RGP has a big voice in the poker world today, a nd the RGP group meets every year t o play poker at the Big August Recreational Gambling Excursion (BARGE) in Las Vegas. I was the keynote s peaker for BARGE in 2001, and I had a great t ime hanging out with t he RGP regulars. Their enthusiasm for poker i s very refreshing and contagious Imagine poker games spontaneously breaking out on the floor of a room that RGP was renting or poker tournaments with teams of four players e ach

Effect Of Cheating And House Cutslas Vegas Casino Poker

* Earnings are estimated for the best professional players observed in Las Vegas. The average professional in Las Vegas (including house shills who are paid by the casino for starting and maintaining poker games) probably nets less than 18,000 per year. The net average earnings of all the professional poker players in Las Vegas are estimated at 18,000 per year per professional player. + While most Nevada casinos have a harsh percentage rake averaging about 10 percent, some have a 2- 3 maximum rake per hand for higher-stake games. (For high-stake games, some casinos have a lower-percentage Gardena-type time collection.) Even with a 2- 3 maximum cut per hand, casinos can remove 1400- 2000 per day per table, which is 500,000- 700,000 per year per table. Accounting for low-stake games and slack periods, the average casino poker table extracts an estimated 300,000 per year from its players (see footnote in the survey of Casino Poker, Table 39). Additional money lost to house dealers in...

Online gambling is increasing at a staggering rate worldwide Total revenues for online gambling worl

The world's first virtual online casino, Internet Casinos, Inc. commenced operation on August 18, 1995 with 18 different casino games and is now publicly traded on NASDAQ. Most of these online gambling companies are located outside of the U.S. to avoid government prosecution. ICI operates out of the Turks and Cayucos Islands and WagerNet is based in Belize. Site users can either send cash through one of the companies offering secure payment systems for the Internet or open an offshore account, a requirement for Americans to use ICI's site. A number of foreign governments have entered the business of online casinos holding their sites out to people worldwide. For instance, the government of Liechtenstein is operating an online international lottery in six different languages, including Chinese. According to Rolling Good Times Online gambling magazine, there are over 1300 gambling-related sites on the net and more are up and running every day. The economics of the industry are amazing....

Las Vegas the Strip

Traveling south on the Strip, John Finn came to another major casino with a large cardroom. He observed the various poker games for thirty minutes. After considering the higher-stake games, he sat in a medium-stake ( 10- 20) seven-card stud game because more of its players looked like losers. All were out-of-town gamblers and tourists, except for two women players sitting together across from John. Although their conversation revealed they were experienced local players, both women played poorly. Nevertheless, they were winning moderately because of their collusion cheating, which was crude and obvious. They blatantly showed their live hole cards to each other and then coordinated their betting to produce a collective advantage. The other players either did not notice their collusion or were too indifferent or timid to object. By quietly taking advantage of their much more readable hands, John converted the two women from winners to losers. John Finn entered the casino farther south...

Sick Gamblers

While most people can enjoy a healthy relationship with poker, whether as pastime or profession, there are plenty of sick gamblers out there. We're talking people with real emotional and psychological problems. Most of these sick gamblers are soothed by losing. It's the only way that they can confirm just how unlucky, undeserving, and cursed they are. After a game I might try to help a sick gambler. But not while we're playing. It's all business at the poker table. I do not softplay anybody. I run into sick gamblers all the time in cash games and occasionally in tournaments. They expect to get beaten. They expect the river card to help my hand. They expect that every time I'm on a draw I will get there. Against sick gamblers I will very often bet or raise when a scare card comes on the river, even if it didn't help my hand. While I might feel sorry for them, it is my duty to fulfill their expectations.

Section One Card Games

Casino card games such as baccarat and blackjack differ significantly from casino games such as craps, roulette, and slot machines in that they are not independent trial processes-that is, the cards that already have been played do affect the odds on subsequent hands. The ability to keep track of the cards played does not alone guarantee gambling success at a particular gama Indeed, one of the chief tasks of this section will be to examine the usefulness of card counting strategies in baccarat, considering the bets offered and the nature of the game.

Section Three Other Games

While we have so far concerned ourselves solely with casino games, some of the principles we have used are equally applicable to other gambling situations. In this section, we apply mathematical theory to horse race betting and backgammon. Horse racing is the number one spectator sport in America and a large amount of its success in this regard can be attributed to the wagering opportunities. The racegoer becomes a participant in the spectacle. While we offer no surefire system, we do suggest an approach that shows promise for the gambler-investor. While so far I have limited myself to discussing casino games, the concepts presented apply equally to other gambling games, such as horse racing. At the racetrack, one is offered a variety of different wagering possibilities. The player can wager on one or more horses to win, place, or show, as well as combine any number of horses in the various exotic bets (daily double, exactas, quinellas, etc.) The goal of the gambler at the racetrack...

Introductory Statement

The casino patron who decides to try his luck at the tables and the horse player who wagers at the racetrack confront what seem to be formidable adversaries. The casinos hope to have the advantage on every bet offered and, at the track, the pari-mutuel takeout of 17-25 on every bet assures all but a few will wind up losers. A familiarity with basic probability will allow the alert gambler to discover those positive expectancy games and exploit them where they exist. A vast knowledge of mathematics is not required. Some of the finest poker players in the country never went to college, but they do have a sense of what makes a good poker hand and what their chances of having the best hand are after all the cards have been dealt. If you want a good gambling life, make positive expectation bets. You can, as a first approximation, think of each negative expectation bet as charging your account with a tax in the amount of the expectation. Conversely, each positive expectation bet might be...

Simple Casino Countermeasure

It should be clear that for this method to work, we have to time the ball (and rotor) before placing our potentially winning bets. (Earlier bets are losing, on average, so are only camouflage.) Thus, the casino must allow us to continue to bet for a time after the ball is launched. I have observed roulette wheels all over the world Monte Carlo (our final goal), Nevada, Puerto Rico, Nice, Venice, and London. The practice has been, generally but not always, to allow bets until the ball was almost ready to fall off the track. This was much longer than we needed. Be warned again, though all the casino needs to do to prevent our method is to forbid bets once the ball is launched. That simple perfect countermeasure is the Achilles heel of the system and a major reason why I never made a total effort to implement it. (People who use the system in casino play say the casinos don't catch on and don't use the countermeasure. But if the player is not really careful, I would expect the casino to...


Blackjack, or twenty-one, is a card game played throughout the world. The casinos in the United States currently realize an annual net profit of roughly one billion dollars from the game. Taking a price earnings ratio of 15 as typical for present day common stocks, the United States blackjack operation might be compared to a 15 billion corporation. The idea behind these point count systems is to assign point values to each card which are proportional to the observed effects of deleting a' 'small quantity'' of that card. Table 2-2 (courtesy of Julian Braun, private correspondence) shows this for one deck and for four decks, under typical Las Vegas rules. One must compromise between simplicity (small integer values) and accuracy. My ultimate strategy is a point count based on moderate integer values which fits quite closely the data available in the early 1960s. Until recently all the other count systems were simplifications of the ultimate. One of the simplest and most effective ways...

Which Casino Do You Trust

You can't go wrong if you select a poker site that has been in business for several years, uses established and accredited gaming software interfaces and has a record of paying big winners in a timely manner. We are not affiliated with any casino or group of casinos but being objective can be difficult. There are thousands of casinos with mew ones opening every day. Great player interfaces are a real attraction for players but in the end, if the casino doesn't offer a multitude of tables and traffic and doesn't pay off bets quickly, what's the point Here is a list of casinos that have been in business for several years and are recognized widely as being fair and professional.

Exploring Omaha High Only

Omaha is not necessarily a high-low split game you can play it as a high-only game, too. You'll find Omaha played as a high-only game in some casinos, although it is not nearly as popular as its 8-or-Better cousin. Omaha High-Only is often played pot-limit in card casinos. Betting can escalate extremely quickly in these games, and the last thing we'd ever advise a beginning player is to play pot-limit or no-limit poker. Omaha High-Only is very popular in European card casinos, but in England, Ireland, and much of continental Europe, pot-limit games are the rule rather than the exception.

Six Kinds Of Publiccasino Cheating

Although John Finn 1 played almost exclusively in private poker games because of their greater profitability, he did spend the summer of 1976 playing public poker in the Gardena, California, card clubs and in the Las Vegas, Nevada, casinos. In both the clubs and casinos, he discovered professional cheaters operating in the higherstake games. John's public-game experiences uncovered six common cheating methods used in public poker. He also learned how to protect himself from

Vegas Style Introduction

The form of High-Low Split you're going to learn how to play in this section is (Seven-Card Stud) Cards Speak (for themselves). This is the version of the game that's played in the (public) Poker Rooms in the Las Vegas casinos. It's quite a different game than the form of High-Low Split that's commonly played in a home (private) game. That game is most often played with a declaration.* One of the reasons why the game is played without a declare in casinos is that it would be very trying for the dealers (and card room managers) to settle an argument revolving around exactly how a player declared. Another is that the game is much harder and more confusing to deal than Cards Speak. Also, partners in a game with a declare are a difficult combination to overcome. That's true with any form of gambling. Whenever you're taking the worst of it, you may get lucky .once in a while. But, more often than not .you'll get unlucky . And then you'll moan the loser's lament I just can't get a break....

Playing Texas Holdem Online The Professionals Guide

If you're wondering how safe your money is at an online casino, there are a number of things to consider. Over the past few years there have been a number of cases of winners at online poker casinos being denied payment. Remember, as online gambling is not allowed in the U.S., you have no legal recourse to recover funds. Our advice is to stay with well-established online casinos with an extensive track record and a reputation for paying out winners. We list ten of the largest, best known in this section. All have excellent track records, use well-established software to deliver the gaming experience and offer a wide range of tables to select from. You will be tempted sometimes by very generous offers of large player bonuses from online casinos you've never heard of. Think about it - if you started a new casino in a very crowded market, how would you get the attention of potential new players Our suggestion is to avoid these casinos. What good would it do to win 10,000 and then find...

Dont Let The Rake Beat

Why do online casinos make so much money Because they make a profit from every single poker pot that is played -often millions of pots per month. The more games you play, the m ore the casinos make. Their profit from each pot is called the rake. The rake is a percentage or a flat fee that the casino charges you to play.

Notes on Public Poker

John Finn made the following notes while playing poker in the Gardena card clubs and in the various Nevada casinos 3. The six card clubs in Gardena, California, provide simultaneous action for up to 1680 poker players. Over 400 licensed card clubs in California and more than 80 Nevada casinos continuously offer thousands of fresh poker players for money extraction, every hour of every day and night, all year round. 4. Major poker clubs and casinos always offer a selection of games and players. Carefully select the most advantageous game with the weakest players. Keep aware of the other games, and promptly abandon any game for a more advantageous game (e.g., more profitable stakes or weaker players). 7. Collection fees or time cuts in public games range from 2 per hour per player for a 1- 2 game to about 24 per hour per player for games with blind bets and, raises of 100. The casino rake (from every pot) can range from a 5 percent maximum up to a 25 percent maximum--or even higher for...

Deception is less useful in online poker

In online poker rooms where many people play, the turnover rate at each table will be pretty high, in fact, this may include you as well. This does not happen in brick and mortar casinos since it is tougher to get into another game, and players are there physically with not much else to do except play poker. This difference in the turnover rate means players should use deception less when playing online.

Take advantage of the free poker at these sites and practice practice practice

Of casinos but being objective can be difficult. There are thousands of casinos with mew ones opening every day. Great player interfac es are a real attraction for players but in the end, if the casino does n't offer a multitude of tables and traffic and doesn't pay off bets quickly, what's the point Here is a list of casinos that have been in business for several years and are recognized widely as being fair and professional. average pot for the last 20 hands. The Customer Service at this site is first class and very professional. Click here for

Guaranteed Income from Public Poker

Any man or woman using the Advanced Concepts of Poker can earn a guaranteed income by playing public poker (i.e., poker in casinos and in commercial card clubs). But first this person must understand the difference between private poker, as discussed in Parts One through Five of this book, and public poker, as discussed in Part Six.

Some Useful Online Bluffing Tips

Another reason why players may tend to bluff more online than in a casino is the ease in which you can bluff. Online you just have to click your mouse. In a live game, you have to physically move your chips and stare down your opponents at the table. Chip s are popular in casinos because they remove us emotionally from the concept of real money. Studies have shown that players are more reckless with chips than with real cash. Online, we are even more removed from the idea that this is real money (they are

The deal and betting structure

Four cards are dealt face down to each player, and a round of betting takes place. On the first round, players may either call or raise the blind bet, or fold their hands. Most casinos allow a bet and three or four raises per betting round, with one exception. When only two players contest the pot, the number of possible raises is unlimited.

Professional and Amateur Cheating

Public-game professionals execute their collusion so naturally and casually that the management of major casinos and card clubs remain unaware of their cheating, even when it routinely occurs in their own card rooms. Moreover, many public-game professionals practice collusion cheating without qualms. They consider their cheating as a legitimate trade tool that enables them to offset the draining effect of the house rake or collection.

Choosing Starting Hands in Pineapple

Pineapple, also known as Crazy Pineapple, is a relatively new flop game that you don't see played a lot in brick-and-mortar casinos. In fact, the only time we've seen it played live was in a firehouse game in Maryland back in the early 1990s. You can find the game online at UltimateBet and ParadisePoker, but other than that, you'll have to deal it at home on your kitchen table.

Professional And Amateur Cheating Methods

* Las Vegas riffle Table 2 on the next page summarizes the most important cheating techniques used in private games as well as in public clubs and casinos. Table 2 also summarizes both the crude cheating techniques used by amateurs and the skilled techniques used by professionals. Table 2 on the next page summarizes the most important cheating techniques used in private games as well as in public clubs and casinos. Table 2 also summarizes both the crude cheating techniques used by amateurs and the skilled techniques used by professionals.

Limit Holdem Strategy FiveHanded Game s

Hold'em is a very different game when you are playing it at a table where the maximum is five players. You wiil find that the swings you take in a five-handed game wiil tend to be much bigger than the swings you take at a ten-handed table. Beware of this and understand that it is just the nature of the beast Five-hand-maximum tables don't e xist right now in the real world, probably because t he casinos figure t hey have a limited amount of space and need to use it for full-size t ables. Online casinos, of course, face no such limitation.

Section I A Brief History of Poker

Although there is a plethora of theories dealing with poker's origin, there is one definite fact about the game. Poker has stood the test of time, and remains one of the few pastimes that is shared by people from all walks of life and is still growing in popularity. In the US, poker has evolved from a game played by drifters and riverboat passengers into a full fledged sporting event. This progression has taken place in many locations, from backrooms to glittering casinos around the world. Its history has been rich with famous places and characters. Today, poker is carefully regulated by strict gambling laws, and saloons have given way to cardrooms and casinos, but poker is being played more than any other card game in the world.

Professional Poker Players

But some public professionals have considerable financial incentives for maintaining a braggadocio, flamboyant style. Those professionals are supreme hustlers who use their visibility to attract victims. By becoming famous and highly visible, they not only attract gamblers to back them to high-stake games, but they also attract wealthy challengers who want action against a big-name player. The better-known Perhaps the most profound difference between private poker and public poker (club or casino) is the collusion cheating practiced by many professional players in public poker. Few outsiders or victims detect or even suspect professional cheating in public poker because such cheating is visually undetectable. Public-game professionals execute their collusion so naturally and casually that upper management of major casinos and card clubs generally remain unaware of their cheating, even when it routinely occurs in their casinos and clubs. Many public-game professionals accept and...

The Billion Dollar Poker Industry

Public poker is a billion-dollar-a-year industry involving 400 California card clubs, scores of card clubs in other states, and about 100 Nevada casinos. The public poker industry could collapse if a majority of its customers--the losers--ever fully realize the amount of money that they will lose with automatic certainty to the winners (good players, professionals, and professional cheaters) and to the casinos or card clubs (through automatic rakes or time collections). Once they clearly understand their inevitable and inescapable loser's role, some public players might quit poker to save their time and money. Others might switch to private poker to eliminate their automatic losses to the house, the professionals, and the cheaters. Still others might switch to other gambling or casino games to eliminate their losses to the good players, the professionals, and the cheaters. Or would they quit or switch Would the losers abandon public poker despite knowing the inescapable multiple...

Pot Limit Omaha Beginners and Intermediate Strategy

Pot-limit Omaha (PLO) i s the number one game i n Europe right now. It's played in Paris at the Aviation Club de France on the Champs-Elysees. It's played in Vienna at the Concorde Card Casino and the Casinos Austria. It's played in Amsterdam at the Casinos Holland-Amsterdam. I t's played in London, i n Ireland, and all over the United Kingdom. I n fact, at every stop along the European poker tour, including Russia, Finland, S lovenia, Spain, and Germany, P LO is the number one side game. P LO is a game of great s kiil, bluffing, mathematics, and heart. In PLO, one or two good reads wiil often make the diiference between winning and losing for any given session. I f you make one good call against someone attempting to bluff, or one successful bluff yourself, i t can make a huge difference i n your results. Do you have the guts t o make a huge bet on the end with nothing Do you have the guts to call a huge bet on the end with a weak hand I f you do, then PLO is the game for you

Learn neuV games inexpensively

Aside and apart from the competition and the fun factor, tournaments are a terrific way to learn new games. Here's why The game you want to learn might not be offered at betting limits that are comfortable for you. In fact, in smaller casinos, the game might not be available at all. Without tournaments, how can you ever learn to play Omaha 8, or Razz, or Seven-Stud 8 in a card casino that has enough room for only a few Hold'em and Stud tables

Introduction to Shorthanded Limit Holdem

The internet has changed the world in many different ways. In the poker universe, the internet has brought online poker to many players, and it has brought more interest to shorthanded games. Many online casinos have tables set up specifically for shorthanded games. They may have a 6-player maximum table, a 5-player maximum table or heads-up tables.

Where to Go from Here

This book is intended to be both a beginning and a guide. After reading to this point, you should be able to hold your own in the typical low-limit Hold'em games found in public cardrooms and casinos. However, since Hold'em is a rich, complex, and changing game, there is much more to learn. A number of valuable books exist on Hold'em and poker, in general. The strategic framework outlined in Chapter 6 is meant to guide both your approaches to playing poker and your comprehension of further readings on poker. This last section of the book contains information on further reading and places to play.

Introduction to Internet Poker

The dimension of the Internet is bringing the game to thousands of players who never had access to the game before. Many beginning players are able to play online for play money or at micro limits that are not offered in live casinos. Of course, many players do not live in areas that have a live casino, so the Internet now gives them a way to find a game.

Quick Refresher The Button Blinds Betting Order and Betting Options

In most home poker games, the deal is passed clockwise (right to left), from person to person after each hand. Casinos furnish a professional dealer who deals every hand for you. But because betting position is important in every hand, we use the small plastic puck called the button in order to keep track of whose deal it would be if t he players were passing the deck and dealing the hands themselves. The person who owns the button in any given hand has the s ignificant advantage of being the l ast one to act in each round of betting, and so the dealer moves the button one spot clockwise after the end of each hand.

Reasons to Play Poker on the Internet

A few years ago, the state of California banned smoking in certain establishments. Casinos and poker rooms were affected by the new law and now there is no smoking in California poker rooms. Several other poker rooms across the country have also made this adjustment to non-smoking poker rooms, such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas and Foxwoods in Connecticut. This is all great for the player. However, even if the poker room itself is a non-smoking room, many of the non-Californian casinos still allow smoking in other parts of their casinos. The smoke can often creep around in the air and find their way to the poker room. Since players are sitting down for long periods of time, they may be susceptible to the harmful effects of second hand smoking. Even worse are the poker rooms that do allow smoking. For those who are worried about second hand smoke, playing poker online is a healthy alternative. Many of the online poker rooms offer a lower rate per hand than brick and mortar casinos. They...

Table Housecollection Schedule

Still, how do the other poker players fare If the average professional poker player in Gardena nets about 15,000 per year (estimated in footnote to Table 31), then the estimated 100 to 200 professionals in Gardena would extract 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 per year from all the other poker players. After allowing for those seats occupied by the professionals plus the empty seats and vacant tables during slack periods, the nonprofessional players occupy an estimated average of 800 seats in the six Gardena poker clubs. Those clubs, therefore, must extract 28,500 per year from each of these 800 seats to account for the 22,000,000 permanently removed each year. That means that the nonprofessional regular customer who plays forty hours per week must lose an average of 7000 per year if he plays better than half the other players in Gardena. (And, as a group, the Gardena players are the best and the toughest poker players in the world.) If he does not play better than half the players, he will...

Stack Size and Pot Size Online

In online poker, you can easily see how big the pot is and how many bets the other players have left in their stack, whereas in a brick and mortar poker room, sometimes this is difficult to do. People often have both of their hands and arms on the table, as well as water bottles and all sorts of other foreign objects. The player may not be actively trying to hide their stack size, but it may just be circumstantial that you did not realize how many chips he actually had. This can sometimes affect how you play the hand. For example, if you knew your opponent had been losing and was down to just a couple of bets left, you may feel that he will play looser and more aggressive just to get all-in and get the pain over with. This happens fairly frequently and these situations are very easy to identify online but a bit more difficult to notice in the brick and mortar casinos. If you do not notice he is close to going all-in, you may miss the fact that he may be playing more aggressively than...

An Introduction To The Rules Of Texas Holdem

All Online Poker Casinos today offer a wide variety of play money tables for beginners to practice their skills until they're ready to move up to the fun at real money tables. It's difficult to learn to play Texas Hold 'em in the traditional setting of a casino's poker room without losing to experienced gamblers. Thankfully, you can practice all you want for free with online poker rooms. The only way to learn the game is to play. And pay attention. Check out Online Casinos to get a feel for the action. Play all you want for free, and start playing for real money when you feel ready. They have both low limits (betting) for newer players as well as high stakes tables. Since we mention betting, let's look at the basics.

Temptations of the casino

Don't gamble at stakes that will seriously eat into your poker winnings. There is no point in playing poker for three hours with an expected earn rate of 20 per hour and then playing roulette for an hour with 20 bets on your way out. If you really must play these games, play at stakes as small as you can bear, and try not to do it every time you play poker. If you get into the habit of gambling in games you can't beat, it can end up being a huge leak. There are other less-obvious things that tempt you in a casino, which can lead to additional losses. The big hidden enemy of many players is alcohol. Why do many casinos give you free alcohol when you are playing It's not because they are especially generous, but because they know you are more Casinos are designed to make you spend money, so unless you are playing poker with an edge, you really want to spend as little time in them as possible.

Pot Odds and Hand Analysis Introduction

All successful gambling is based on one simple idea making good bets at favorable odds. Assessing whether a bet is good or not involves knowing two key facts When you walk into a casino, you are confronted with an avalanche of possible bets, almost all of which are unfavorable. Although most people who frequent casinos are aware that they are betting against the odds, only a few really understand what that means. Casual players mostly imagine that they lose when y place a bet and it doesn't win, or that the games don't let faeta win often enough. Actually, that's not the case. If you bet on the number 22 on a roulette wheel, the number will hit, in the long run, exactly as often as it's supposed to (one time in 3 8), and when the number doesn't hit, the casino is perfectly fair it takes all your money, just as it's supposed to. In fact, in a sense you lose only when you win. When number 22 actually hits, the casino pays you less than required for an even-money bet 35-to-l instead of...

Some players make it a habit of playing loose during the first couple of rounds hoping that they can

Researchers now that we learn faster and engage our brains better when we use more of our senses. The online casinos supply plenty of color but make sure you take advantage of the sound as well. Turn up the sound effects. Sure, it may get annoying sometimes listening to all those clinks, shuffles and chip sounds bu t they help us tune into the game and out of those things going on a round us. You are much less prone to make mistakes when you can hear and see what people are doing, as opposed to just seeing it. Click between game tabs to refresh your table listings. This trick is

You Know Exactly Whats In The

There are thousands of online casinos with dozens or hundreds of tables at each one fro you to choose from. You can pick from a wide-range of betting options and from an infinite variety of different player combinations - combinations you will have observed before putting down your hard-eared money. And you can do this in a matter of minutes right from your computer screen.

Two Pros understand the odds

If you walk into a bricks and mortar casino tomorrow and decide you would like to just watch a game of Texas Hold'em to better understand how it's played, security will soon hustle you out of the building. Poker is not a spectator sport at casinos. If you want to learn the game - you need to play. And playing when you're a rookie (or as the pros call it - a 'fish') can be a very expensive learning experience.

To be a shark you need to act the part

Clean the area around your computer desk and stay organized. Prepare. Have any note ta king material handy. Plan your game play on a tight schedule. Start at a precise time review the casinos and tables for a predetermined period of time before you play. Be observant. Start play when you are certain you have the right table in your sites. Watch the other players carefully and make notes. Never be sloppy about your playing time.

Players play more aggressively online

It is a fact that younger people are more apt to use the internet than older people. It is also probably true that younger people on average are more aggressive and take more chances in life, as well as in poker. Since you are likely to see a higher percentage of younger people (and by younger people, I mean those in their 20s or 30s) playing poker online rather than in brick and mortar casinos, thus you are likely to see a lower percentage of older people playing poker online. That could explain why online games are more aggressive in general.

You might scare away players who you would rather stay

I .earning to suppress or at least control your ego will help you avoid these eight pitfalls. Possessing and even flaunting your ego will not preclude you from being a winning player, provided you don't let it influence your decisions. In fact, some quite well-known players arc renowned for the size of their egos. However, for the cash game player especially, your ego may be eating into your win rate. You have probably not heard of many of the very best cash game players. They play in high-limit games in casinos and on the Internet, quietly winning huge amounts of money. If you spoke to one of these players, he would probably be very modest about his success and might even deny he wins at all. These players understand that their win rate is far more important than their ego.

Where to Find Information about Tournaments

Poker tournaments are all over the place. You can find them in major casinos, on cruise ships, and at local card clubs. Here are a few places where you can find out current information u0 Card Player Magazine This magazine, which comes out every two weeks, has extensive listings and advertisements concerning poker tournaments. You can subscribe by writing Card Player, 3140 S. Polaris Ave. 8, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102, Phone (702) 871-1720. Web address www. card pi ayer. com. Card Player Magazine is distributed free in many card rooms. Poker Digest Magazine This magazine comes out every two weeks, and contains poker tournament information and advice. You can subscribe by writing Poker Digest, 1455 E. Tropicana 300, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, Phone (702) 740-2273. Web address www. pokerdi gest. com. Poker Digest Magazine is distributed free in many card rooms. V This site contains the premier message board for postings about poker. It often contains timely information...

Different results at different sites

As mentioned in a previous section, fluctuations in online poker can be higher than in brick and mortar casinos. If you play at a few different online sites, this may cause some interesting results. It could look like you are killing the players at one site, but are getting killed by the players at another site. You may start to think that generally players at one site are much better than players at another site. Although it is likely there is some difference in skill among the population of players at different sites, the difference in general skill is probably not very large. For the most part, the fallback opinion should be that the difference in profits and loss is a result of randomness and luck, good luck at one site, bad luck at another. Due to the large fluctuations at online poker, this can easily happen. If you ask those that bet sports you will find a similar situation. Some sports bettors seem to make money hand over fist at one online sportsbook but cannot beat another...

Major Live Tournaments

Major tournaments are held around the world, usually in casinos. The entry fees are typically 2,000 to 10,000, although the final of the World Poker Tour at The Bellagio sports an entry fee of 25,000, hefty even by poker standards. Traditionally these tournaments featured super-strong fields with a scattering of talented and wealthy amateurs. In the last couple of years online sites have begun running massive numbers of qualifying tournaments, so you can get into these events now with a very modest investment and lots of luck. This development has changed the composition of the fields dramatically, and altered the strategy somewhat. Here are the main features of live major

Predicting the Order of a Shuffled Deck

Wouldn't it be cool if you knew the exact order of the deck after the dealer shuffled it You could use that information to construct each player's hand, the board cards to come in a flop game, and (most importantly) determine whether you would be the eventual winner. You might have heard that it's possible to predict the cards that will come out of the deck in an online poker game. In 1999, a team of researchers from Reliable Software Technologies ( ) created a software tool that let them determine the exact order of the deck in play for a particular Hold 'em hand. Here's the story of how they did it and how the online casinos fixed the problem.

For Those Of You Who Just Want To Get Started

CardShark, our research team, has gone through millions of lines of code, data results and analysis on billions of played hands of Poker. A good percentage of this research was sourced from the same online casinos you and I play at everyday. The rest came from reputable sources such as Carnegie-Melon University where grad students have been running computerized Texas Hold'em simulations for years. Our theories are based on solid mathematics, proven odds calculations and the results of some very interesting computer studies.

Limit Hol de m Tournament Strategy

Is life-changing money, and so it isn't surprising that a lot of poker players covet the money more than the title. I'm not one of them I love the title more than the money The title brings with it a lifetime of recognition and prestige. The winner is forever called a world champion of poker, and his or her picture wiil go up on the Wall o f Champions f or ever ( at both of t he Horseshoe Casinos i n Las Vegas and Tunica, Mississippi). You can see the Wall of Champions at In 1970 Las Vegas Benny Binion started the WSOP, at his Horseshoe Casino, and called it poker's world championships. It has been poker's world championship ever since, and it has grown in stature and popularity each year. Every year i n late April, the best poker players i n the world (and a lot of wannabes) gather at t he Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas for roughly 25 to 33 WSOP events ( the precise number changes from year to year), culminating in the big one. The big one i s t he 10,000 buy-in...

Emotions at the Table

Some players don't go on tilt, but instead they blame all their problems on the dealer. Calling the dealer names, throwing cards hard into the muck, throwing cards at the dealer, stuff like that. It can become ugly, and it is something we should all refrain from. The dealers are just there to make a living. As for cheating dealers, the casino cameras generally catch everything, and the casinos have even more incentive than you to assure everything is on the up and up. For the most part, angry players that get upset at the dealer are not even accusing them of cheating, they are simply accusing the dealer of treating them poorly by not putting the right card on the board. Obviously this is just ridiculous, but in the heat of the battle, it may be difficult for some players to handle themselves. Not only is it important for every player to try to control their own emotions, but also for other players to protect the dealer if it gets too far. This may mean...

Pitfalls of playing online

However, there are disadvantages also. It is harder to concentrate on each table, and you may miss some juicy pieces of information. When playing poker online, the players flit in and out of the table at an incredibly fast rate compared to brick and mortar casinos. It is all too easy to miss the fact that the table composition has changed drastically, and instead of a loose table, now the table is made up of a few more tight players or vice versa. This may lead you to act inappropriately with some hands.

Fourofakind By Design

I know of several other persons who have lost their homes at the poker table. One sad case was the young man from a wealthy family who's father left him enough money to live comfortably for three life times. His one admirable talent was spending money. He could not spend it fast enough until he discovered the gambling casinos. There he lost everything he had plus all the money his mother had plus several acres of ocean-front property worth A Police Officer in San Francisco told me that gambling debts were not legal under the law and did not have to be paid. So If you lose your house at the Poker table you really do not have to turn over your deed to the crookes at the gaming house. They cannot take you to court. The law looks with askance at such goings on. During a two-week leave in Oakland California, I visited the Poker houses. Found one very clean, friendly and peaceful. I was welcomed to an empty seat at a table. The four other players were total strangers to me, but were...

Winning Big With Expert Play

Gambling For a Living by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth is the ultimate book for anyone interested in making a living at the gaming tables. The book includes chapters on horse racing, slot and poker machines, blackjack, poker, sports belting, and casino tournaments. It is designed to show anyone new to this field how to be succcssful and what it takes to becomc a professional gambler. Getting The Best of It by David Sklansky contains six sections discussing probability, poker, blackjack, other casino games, sports betting, and general gambling conccpls. This book contains some of the most sophisticated gambling ideas that have ever been put into print.

Limit Holdem Intermediate Strategy

The intermediate-level limit Hold'em player does e xtremely well i n low-limit games. I n fact, h e does s o weH t hat he wants t o test h imself at t he next l evel up. For example, i f you begin to beat your 2- 4 home poker game consistently, t hen it i s t ime for you to try a higher-stakes home poker game ( or casino game) perhaps 4- 8 or 5- 10. I f you're only breaking even or l osing at this higher level, then you need to drop back down and continue to win at the lower levels for a while before you test your game again. But if you're a good intermediate-level player and you do Every great p layer that I k now of has moved up through the limits in this way, with some drop-offs along the way. You start out p laying 1- 2 limit Hold'em with your friends, and the next thing you know, you're playing 400- 800 limit at the BeHagio with Phil HeUmuth, Johnny Chan, and Doyle Brunson I personally won about 20,000 in home games in 1986, but when I stepped up to Las Vegas casino play, I...

Trap The rakesmall game trap

Don't really pay much attention to it at all. After enough sessions, however, you begin to sense something at work. You might win 200 on one occasion, but lose slightly more - 260, say - on another. Or you might win 100, but you lose 140, and so on. Gradually, the outline of a larger picture emerges, and it's a picture you've seen somewhere before in the slot machine area of the casino, at the roulette wheel, or at the blackjack tables. Your good times are being milked, squeezed, raked. You somehow don't seem to win quite enough during the good times to make up for the bad times.

Tightpassive the rock

This sort of player is perhaps most common in Las Vegas and Reno. Often, he'll be a retiree who can't afford to be throwing a lot of money around the table. He's played a few thousand hours, and has a pretty good idea of which hands are good and which are not. The rock doesn't like speculative hands and generally avoids fancy plays he likes to get two big cards and bet'em. 3 While these players are fairly predictable, you aren't likely to make a lot of money from them.

Other Poker related books

Jim McManus, a novelist reporting for Harpers went to Las Vegas to cover the Ted Binion murder trial and to write a story about the WSOP. Read more Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived - Amarillo Slim Preston & Greg Dinkin Amarillo Slim Preston with Greg Dinkin. In this book Slim describes some of his greatest gambling exploits. Read more A sought after classic that is finally back in print. Delves into the world of high-stakes poker in Las Vegas and in particular the World Series of Poker, where the next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing. Read more Poker Nation a High Stakes, Low-Life Adventure in the Heart of a Gambling Country - Andy Bellin

H The Intermediate Stacking Variation

The intermediate-stacking variation is an abbreviated, faster version of the Las Vegas variation used for both false riffling and stacking. In both variations, the cards are culled along their sides as shown in Figure 20. But instead of placing the two deck halves flat on the table for riffling, the dealer holds the cards in his hands above the table and riffles them at an angle as shown in Figure 22. Otherwise, the stacking movements are the same as in the Las Vegas variation. And after the riffle shuffle by either variation, the deck halves are pushed together and squared with the palms of both hands. While the shielding is less than in the Las Vegas variation, the advantage of the intermediate variation is its increased speed for culling and stacking cards. With a dozen or so hours of practice, rapid culling and stacking can be executed by using

Dont Have To Be The Greatest

In March 2003, just after the World Poker Tour started airing, throngs of tourists with big money flocked to Las Vegas, chomping at the bit to play No Limit Hold'em. One night at the Bellagio, I passed by a No Limit game with 10 and 20 blinds. Seated at the table were Antonio Esfandiari, Gus Hansen, Phil Laak, Rafe Furst, and maybe three other name players.

The Rules and Structure

Since the ante structure and betting structure is extremely important in determining the correct strategy in the game of razzt I am going to give you the rules of the two typical games played in Las Vegas that have the normal extremes of structure. These two games are the 15- 30 game and the 30- 60 game.

Players Who Play Too Loose

Once you have decided that the caliber of your opponents allows you to sit down and play profitably, your next step is to evaluate their mistakes and see how you can best take advantage of those mistakes. The most common mistake players make is playing too many hands. In Las Vegas I frequently find this tendency to be the only weakness in some opponents. Everything else about their play is top-notch. Consequently, there is little I can actively do to take advantage of these players' mistakes other than not play as loosely as they do. Yet just playing better starting hands than they do on average is a decent edge. Sometimes I play a very unimaginative game against them, simply to make them think I'm not much of a player. I thereby encourage them to play even more hands. When the night is over, I usually have the money, and they are shaking their heads, wondering how I beat them. Well, I didn't outplay them, just as they suspect, nor did I get lucky. I simply played better openers than...

The Two Blinds to the Left of the Button

The s ize of t he blinds i s determined by the s ize of t he game. The small blind is usually half a small bet, a nd the big blind is usually a full s mall bet. I n a hypothetical 2- 4 game, the small blind would be 1 and the big blind 2. Limit Hold'em games are thus defined by their bet s izes. For example, you might play 2- 4 Hold'em, or 10- 20 Hold'em, or whatever. In the 2- 4 game, all bets and raises during the first two betting rounds are made in 2 increments, and al bets and raises during the final two betting rounds ( the third and fourth rounds) are made in 4 i ncrements ( you can't b et, say, 5 0 cents, or 3 on any round). As you might expect, in the 10- 20 game all bets and raises during t he first two betting rounds are made i n 10 increments, and al bets and raises during the final two beting rounds are made i n 20 increments. I n Las Vegas, the maximum number of bets is five, unless there are two players left in the

A The Complete False Riffle the Pull Through

With the deck on the table, remove the top half of the cards with the right hand and proceed to riffle shuffle as you would in the Las Vegas variation (described on pages 90-92) with two exceptions -- (1) riffle shuffle the deck legitimately, without keeping the upper right-hand deck portion intact, and (2) keep the right-hand portion of the deck angled as shown in Figure 32 (half the deck is turned face up to illustrate the moves more clearly). For the Las Vegas variation, you continue shielding the cards with your hands and fingers while using your palms to push the deck halves together. But for the complete false riffle, you stop shielding the deck as your hands shift immediately after interlacing the deck halves and before pushing the halves together. Your hands shift so that the middle fingers and thumbs grip the sides of the deck halves near the ends and the ring fingers press against the deck ends as shown in Figure 32. Note particularly the difference in the position of the...

Scenario The Low Limit Shark

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure to make my semi-annual trip to Las Vegas. I play poker online at home, so most of the trip was spent engaging in the forbidden gambling fruits the -EV table games. After three days of losing hundreds at the blackjack tables and sportsbooks around town, I made my first trip to the home of the pros Bellagio's glorious poker room. I was impressed, and the style fit right in with my desire to take it easy and have some fun.

The Game of Texas Holdem

Opportunities to play Texas Hold'em are more widespread than most people realize. Aside from the obvious locations (Atlantic City and Las Vegas), there are public cardrooms throughout California and the Northwest, on Native American reservations throughout the United States, and on riverboats up and down the Mississippi River system in the country's heartland. Chapter 2 describes what to expect in a public cardroom and how to conduct yourself. To locate a public cardroom near you or near a place you plan to visit check the listings in Chapter 10 for public cardrooms in the United States and Canada. The listings are sorted geographically and contain locations and contact information for 220 cardrooms. Be aware that the legal issues surrounding online gambling are murky. Discussion of online poker is for informational purposes only. In no way should anything in this book be construed as legal advice or an endorsement or guarantee of online services. It is the reader's responsibility to...

Implied Odds in Pot Limit and NoLimit Games

A classic illustration of such a situation occurred in the final hand of the 1980 no-limit hold 'em championship at Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. Doyle Brunson, a two-time world champion, had 232,500 in front of him, and his opponent, young Stu Ungar, a gin rummy and poker whiz from New York's lower East Side, had 497,500. (These astronomical sums resulted from 73 players buying into the championship tournament for 10,000 apiece.)

Limit Holdem Beginners Strategy

My new acquaintance, Tuli Haromy, ended up becoming my best friend for the next eight years. He was also the best player and banker for t he game. ( The banker i s responsible for passing out chips, cashing checks, judging how much he can lend various players, a nd making sure t hat everyone i s paid at the end of the night.) That made sense, because the best player has a vested interest i n making sure the other players have access to cash to play with (and lose to him). I t t urned out t hat Tuli was originally from Las Vegas, which explains why we were playing Hold'em in Madison, Wisconsin, in the first place. Without someone with Tuli's Las Vegas background, the chances of finding a Hold'em game in Madison in the early 1980s would have been slim to none

HouJ Casino Poker Differs from Home Games

Bobby Baldwin, former World Champion of Poker and now president of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, reflected on his early days at the table I was floating around, trying to figure out which hands were playable, which hands called for a raise, which hands should be thrown out. Without standards, he said, you have to use 90 percent of your concentration deciding each time what to do with a given hand. All that mental energy should be devoted to studying your opponents and trying to decipher the small things which made this hand slightly different from familiar hands you've seen in the past.

How To Win Nolimit Holdem Tournaments

All the road gamblers came to play in the game Willie Struthers, Berry Johnston and Steve Melvin drove in from Oklahoma City, Garland Walters came in from Kentucky, Gene Fisher from El Paso, Bobby Baldwin, Buddy Williams, all the best players. That game was a great training ground in no-limit hold'em. Tom told me, I lost about 15,000 playing no-limit hold'em in that game, but I won 40,000 at pot-limit Omaha. Until then, I thought I was a no-limit hold'em player - boy, did I learn a few lessons People that I'd never heard of before were some of the best players that I had ever seen.

The Advanced Concept Player Versus the Neocheater

Both the Advanced-Concept player and the Neocheater strive to maintain their long-term advantages they never compromise their advantages for the sake of others. They share their advantages with no one both play solely for their own benefit. They are not gamblers both set the odds in their favor. Gamblers bet money at unfavorable odds and eventually lose all the money they risk. Poor players and most traditional cheaters are gamblers who eventually lose everything they risk. The Advanced-Concept player and the Neocheater are not gamblers they eventually win everything that the gambling players risk.

Rule The downfall of poker players as heroes is selfinterest

The downfall of gamblers as heroic figures is probably self-involvement. Spirals of self-interest undermine a verdict of greatness. This makes it hard to reach the highest levels -the heroic levels. Objects of fascination Yes. Colorful characters Unquestionably. Objects of awe, intrigue, and curiosity - yes. But ultimate honor and greatness is undercut by too high a dose of self-interest. At the highest levels, players may be like virtuoso violinists -and are - but still with this single flaw They are too much wrapped up in the Big Me. And they have to be.

Rule The nature of signs omens and premonitions

This is not strictly superstition, as it may first appear. For while they know that bad fortune is something that can drop out of the sky all at once, full-blown, they also believe that it is something that can start to assemble itself slowly, by bits and pieces, over time. Thus, by noting these bits and pieces as they begin to occur, they can take steps (they think) to avoid it and head it off. This may or may not be true, but it is probably the origin of why they look for signs.

Foreword by Doyle runson

I his hook is dedicated to the children of gamblers. They were rarely promised anything, because the promise might have heen too hard to keep. They may have wanted to play a game w ith their parent rather than watch a sporting event on which their parent had placed a bet. They were told everything was done so they could have toys and clothes and a nice place to live, but all they wanted was a little more of their parent's time. I apologize to my children, Michael Sebok, Joseph Sebok, Chris Sebok, Christina Iran, Nathaniel Grecnstein, and Melissa Greenstein, for when I have failed as a parent.

Amateurish Collusion Cheating with Sanction of House Dealer

Traveling south on the Strip, John Finn entered another major casino also with a large cardroom. He observed the various poker games for thirty minutes. After considering the higher-stake games, he sat in a medium-stake ( 10-20) seven-stud game because more of its players looked like losers. All were out-of-town gamblers and tourists, except for two women players sitting together across from John.

The Good Player and the Maximum Win Approach

The good player plays solely for his own benefit. He is not a gambler 5 because he bets only when the odds are favorable. (Gamblers bet money at unfavorable odds and eventually lose all the money they risk.) The good poker player cannot lose he eventually wins all the money that gambling players risk.

Reasons Not to Play Poker Online

With that sort of build-up, you might think that online poker is the universe's gift to gamblers. In many ways it is, but online poker does have its downside. For example, always being able to get into a game can be a bad thing, particularly if you're prone to playing short sessions while you're waiting for something else to happen and your mind isn't focused on the game. If you are able to focus on poker while your kids light the grill to cook dinner, that's fine, but if you really should be outside to make sure they don't use gasoline instead of lighter fluid on the charcoal, be honest with yourself and at least sit a few hands out until you can be sure everything is OK.

Random and Independent Events

When it comes to gambling, however, mistaking false patterns as real has led many to ruin. Most gamblers tend to ascribe meaning to purely random, independent events. They are wrong to do so. The cards dealt on any poker hand are, for practical purposes, completely random and independent of the cards dealt on any previous hand 1 17 Randomness actually has a strict mathematical definition, and the process used to shuffle cards does not produce a technically random distribution. For all practical purposes, however, you can treat a wcll-shuffled dcck as random. For more on this topic, see p. 169 of Gambling

Doyle Brunson My Story

I've been so broke early in my marriage that I couldn't afford bus fare from Las Vegas to my home in Fort Worth. And there were times I could barely scrape up a dime to call my wife and ask her to send me money for the ticket. But there are two sides to the coin that's been flipping my life around. I finally got to the point where I got my bankroll up to one hundred thousand dollars, and I haven't looked back since. Years before Super System was born, my wife and family lived in relative luxury, and now they'll never have a hungry day as long as they live. The adversity I've faced has been a blessing in disguise. It's strengthened my character. I've had to draw on that strength many a time at the poker table, and I'll continue to draw on it for the rest of my years. I need that strength, too. You see, I'm a gambler. I'll always be one. I couldn't be anything else. So my life will always be filled with wins and losses. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's exciting. There's almost...

Preface The Neocheating Revolution

Neocheating will eventually become known around the world. Cardplayers from the Las Vegas professional to the neighborhood amateur will increasingly use Neocheating. It is contagious and will spread like an epidemic. Yet by simply reading this book, you will have armed yourself with the knowledge needed both to profit from Neocheating and to turn back all threats of the Neocheating revolution.

Contrasting Characteristics

Simple and effective Neocheating is today spreading throughout poker games in Nevada casinos and California card clubs. Indeed, Neocheating is already infiltrating private games of poker, blackjack, bridge, and gin. And Neocheating will keep on spreading, leaving no game or player immune from attack.

Omaha Eight or Better High Low Split Strategy

Omaha eight or better ( 08B) i s the world's second most popular poker game right now I f you walk into any card room on the West Coast of the United States, you wiil find people playing 08B. Check out any card room in Los Angeles ( like the Commerce Casino) or in Las Vegas ( like the Bellagio), and you'll find many different 08B limits being played. One reason for the popularity of 08B is that you are initially dealt four hole cards instead of t wo, t her ef ore players find a lot more hands to play than one finds in Hold'em. The game thus generates a lot more action and plays a l ot bigger than limit Hold'em. 08B, then, i s a little bit more like the games people play at home with their friends. And even though there are no wild cards in 08B, it seems to have the feel of wild cards and lots of action. Lots of action equals big pots.

Colluding the Neocheating

That collusion ploy is one of the subtlest and most potent of all cheating techniques. The anecdotes in the first chapter show two examples in which John Finn encounters collusion Neocheating in stud and hold 'em poker in public casinos. Even with all his poker expertise, John cannot beat that kind of cheating. Collusion Neocheating flourishes in casino poker because the house dealer totally controls the cards and deals every hand -- no player ever touches or cuts the deck. (Ironically, one reason casinos employ poker dealers is to prevent cheating.)

Unbeatable Collusion Cheating through Dealer Player Partnerships

Moving farther south on the Strip, John Finn entered a casino that normally offered the highest-stake poker games in Las Vegas. For twenty minutes, he watched six players in a 100-200, seven-card stud game. Two professional players were squeezing money from four out-of-town gamblers who were losing heavily. While the two professionals did not seem to be in direct collusion with each other, when winning a pot neither player toked (tipped) the dealer. And while the dealer never glanced at face-down cards when gathering cards for the next deal, he did riffle and shuffle the cards several extra times whenever the previous hand produced fewer than twelve face-up cards. Not seeing any other suspicious moves, John speculated that when the dealer riffled the cards he was also memorizing the hole cards of every player. John knew he could not beat collusion cheating involving a house dealer who knew everyone's hole cards. So he left without playing. After three days in Las Vegas, John Finn...

Books on Poker in The Library of Congress

Poker a work exposing the various methods of shuffling up hands, as well as other ways of cheating that are resorted to by professional gamblers, also embracing the cardinal principles by which every sleight-of-hand trick known with cards may be played. St. Louis, Hardison Publishing Co., 1914. 120 pages Proctor, Richard Anthony. Chance and luck a discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and fallacies of gambling with notes on poker and martingales. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1887. 263 pages Note The Library of Congress does not catalog books about poker under the subject of Gambling. The 375 books listed under Gambling include books on blackjack, boule, cards (nonpoker), cardsharping, craps, fero, horse-race betting, parimutuel betting, probabilities, raffles, roulette, speculation, trente-et-quarante, and wagers . . . but none on poker. Apparently, the Library of Congress does not consider (classify) poker as gambling. 33. Hirst, E....

Playing in a World Series of Poker WSOP Tournament

All the WSOP tournaments are held at the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino (Horseshoe) in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, at high noon. To register for a WSOP tournament, you first get a card with a registration number on it from one of t he cages. This card is good for all t he WSOP events t hat year. Then, take cash for the buy-in and fees of t he t ournament you wish to enter to the main cage in the tournament area. There your money wiil be exchanged for chips, which you then take to the registration desk. You hand over your card and chips, receive a table and seat assignment (randomly drawn by a computer), and wait for your event to begin. It is best t o be in your s eat by noon, as the tournament wiil s tart when the director announces, Shuffle up and deal (the former WSOP tournament director Jack McClelland's old line). There wiil be a television monitor close to your t able showing you the number of players entered in the event, the

BOBBY The Owl Baldwin

Bobby lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has no immediate plans to move to Las Vegas where gambling is legal. He prefers the life of a traveling Poker player, going where the action is at that particular time. And that includes the very big games in Vegas. Since he's only a phone call away, he mysteriously shows up whenever there's a No-Limit game or when they're playing 1000 Limit Hold 'em.

Mathematical Expectation

Mathematical expectation is the amount a bet will average winning or losing. It is an extremely important concept for the gambler because it shows him how to evaluate most gambling problems. Using mathematical expectation is also the best way to analyze most poker plays. Your hourly rate is also zero. Hourly rate is the amount of money you expect to win per hour. You might be able to flip a coin 500 times an hour, but since you are getting neither good nor bad odds, you will neither earn nor lose money. From a serious gambler's point of view, this betting proposition is not a bad one. It's just a waste of time. You have the best of it when you have a positive expectation, and you have a positive expectation when the odds are in your favor. You have the worst of it when you have a negative expectation, and you have a negative expectation when the odds are against you. Serious gamblers bet only when they have the best of it when they have the worst of it, they pass. Mathematical...

The Ante and Other Forced Bets

An important aspect of the ante structure is the size of the initial bet and the size of the initial raise after the initial bet. Changes in these two bets can mean significant changes in strategy. To illustrate, we will use the standard 15- 30 razz game in Las Vegas and a 15- 30 razz game I've played in Reno. Usually, a 15- 30 Las Vegas razz game has a 1 ante, and the high card has a forced bet of 5. Anyone can then raise 10 to make it 15. With this structure, it is almost always correct when you have a good hand to raise with the next-to-last low card if everyone else has folded. If you just call the 5 forced bet with a decent hand, the last low card is correct in calling behind you, even with nothing at all, simply because that player is getting about 3 72-to-l odds on his 5 and figures to win if he catches a baby and you don't. However, by raising in this spot, you cut down the last low card's odds to about 2-to-l. Now if that player wants to take the chance of outdrawing you on...

Adjusting Properly to the Structure

For example, the 15- 30 hold 'em game that used to be played at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas attracted some of the toughest hold 'em players in the country. However, as good and as solid as they were, most of them didn't realize that the structure of this game, compared to that of the more common 10- 20 hold 'em games they knew, necessitated a change in strategy.

Beating Professional Cheaters

Although John Finn played mainly in private poker games because of their greater profitability, he did recently spend several months playing public poker in the Gardena, California, card clubs and in the Las Vegas, Nevada, casinos. In both the clubs and casinos, he discovered professional cheaters operating in the higher-stake games. John's public-game experiences uncovered six common cheating methods used in public poker (see A-F on the following pages). He also learned how the good player can routinely beat professional cheaters in public poker. More important, he learned to identify those situations in which he could not beat professional cheating.

Evaluating the Structure and Adjusting to It

There is however one instance where the structure might cause even a very good player to stay out of a game When it has made fair players into good players by accident. Most players don't sufficiently alter their style of play according to the structure they tend to play a fairly consistent game. However, sometimes the structure is exactly suited to the style of a group of players. Specifically the ante and or the blind might by coincidence be an amount that makes these players' style of play approximately correct. For instance, there are some very aggressive seven-card stud players in Las Vegas who play a little bit too loose in an ordinary game, but in a game with a very high ante, their style of play is almost perfect.

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