Status Raisers

Certain objects strategically placed around the office can be subtly used non-verbally to increase the status and power of the occupant. Some examples include:

  1. Low sofas for visitors to sit on.
  2. A telephone with a lock on it.
  3. An expensive ashtray placed out of the reach of the visitor, causing him inconvenience when ashing his cigarette.
  4. A cigarette container from overseas.
  5. Some red folders left on the desk marked 'Strictly Confidential'.
  6. A wall covered with photos, awards or qualifications that the occupant has received.
  7. A slim briefcase with a combination lock. Large, bulky briefcases are carried by those who do all the work.

All that is needed to raise your status, increase your power and effectiveness with others is a little thought given to non-verbal gymnastics in your office or home. Unfortunately, most executive offices are arranged like the one in Figure 163; rarely is consideration given to the negative non-verbal signals that are unwittingly communicated to others.

We suggest that you study your own office layout and use the preceding information to make the positive changes needed.

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