Odds the Turn Card Will

Having just one backup low card in the hole increases the probability of turning a nut Low hand from a nut Low draw from 35.6% to 55.6%.

With both a Low draw and a Flush draw, the player has almost a 50-50 (47%) chance of making either the Low or the Flush and still has another card to come. A player does not need big money odds to make this hand very playable after the Flop.

With the multiple-way draw possible in Omaha Hi-Lo, the odds of improvement on the Turn can exceed 50%. With a Low draw, Straight draw and a Flush draw, the player will turn a made hand 60% of the time.

With certain 5-card holdings after the Flop, the odds that these holdings will improve with the laying of the Turn card are

After the Flop

Hand to Turn


Low Draw


1.8 : 1

Low Draw with Backup Low Card


1.1 : 1

Wheel Draw


10.3 : 1

Low Draw or Made Low

Counterfeit Low

6.5 : 1

Low Draw & Flush Draw

Low or Flush

1.1 : 1

After the Flop

Hand to Turn


Flush Draw


4 : 1

Open Straight Draw


4.6 : 1

Gut-Shot Straight Draw


10.25 : 1

Open Straight & 4 Flush & Low Draw

Straight, Flush or Low

.67 : 1

2 Pair

Full House

10.3 : 1


Full House or Quads

5.4 : 1

Made Straight or Flush

Pair the Board

4: 1

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